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Walter June’s 555 Triangle Waveform Oscillator65066124
Can a 555 Timer Serve as a Level Translator? Let’s Find Out!62384177
Rube Goldberg Thermometer – deltaVBE Temperature Sensing278101
Thermistor Multiplexing – Introduction14470123
MicroPython on an STM32 Evaluation Board12757131
Ideation Phase: Cuckoo Clock9285124
MTT – Summary1587104
MTT – GW-001-3 Wireless Gateway17650
Pi Pico – A Processing Powerhouse940122
Simulate 7-segment circuits in your web browser!48981177
MTT – DIY POE Injector625121
MTT – Ambient Air Temperature Sensing12550120
Electronic Die8877154
Inductors in Disguise6503123
MTT – Layer N Wireless Smart Sensor48041
Layer N Challenger’s Kit1135145
E14 Op-amp Kit – First Power Up4539133
It’s Raining Op-amps15277131
Let’s Get Twisted6324111
Op-amp Based Wien Bridge Oscillator15714143
BK 3010 Function Generator – pt2132581
BK 3010 Function Generator9731114
Thanks Santa!1322152
RPI Pico – Interrupt Latency under Arduino Framework3908141
Wishing you a Happy New Year!1737136
RPI Pico Pimoroni Display4777152
EL Wire Christmas Tree40153155
Queen of Project141169155
Holiday Gifts – Wonderful Wire Strippers628142
Spy Nerd – Laser Communicator177144
Project14 IOT Trophy103907
MAX77714 – Assorted Load Tests59002
MAX77714 – The Curious Case of the Missing 32K Clock41800
MAX77714 – Why Would a Push Button Fail57504
EM Surfer987127
Pico Puffer1876164
MPS MPM54304 EVM RoadTest – Snippets46360
Finding Nemo – Field Day670103
Finding Nemo – Power38171
Finding Nemo – Camera40841
PI Pico – Says Hello to an Old Analog Multiplexer268871
How to use the Raspberry Pi Camera to Search for Fish Underwater – The Finding Nemo Project814100
RASPBERRY PI PICO – Zippy IO Pins35410
Did Newark serve me a slice of bamboozle Pie?40611

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Synthesizing RF with a RPI GPIO Pin !5701618
Element14 Goodies!4422015
The “Dead” Battery Lamp10041320
Jeff Geerling’s RPI factory Tour!435167
Checkout Renesas’s test rig!5211810
Checkout this test rig3841311
MP3 Player IDE Hard drive Upgrade381127
The OG Potato Cam456116
The Potato Cam!16681820
RPI ZeroW – Boot Time678129
Happy Birthday Gough!7102019
Powers of Deduction: When was my Pie Manufactured?23751520
RPI Pico as an I2C slave device11221013
I bought a raspberry tart!16771820
How often have you come across the parts per thousand symbol?6361614
FNB58 USB Power Tester26451920
Raspberry Pi Pico Windows Installer13151520
Bipolar White LEDs – It’s a Christmas Miracle415125
What would you put in a solder aid or emergency maker kit?250841020
A Soldering Iron for Christmas12551420
What’s your favorite through-hole desoldering tool?19041420
Have you used openmv and/or the Nicla Vision2554813
Have you ever made a 9V battery topper circuit?120381115
Should a reviewer keep a $20K Oscilloscope?30771020
A simple game on the RPI Pico12411320
Displaying a jpeg image with a RPI Pico31341510
Probing the RP2040 QSPI Flash Interface44521620
Trying out a low-cost USB Microscope119561420
Should Handheld multimeters have color LCD displays?37851120
Stayin Alive with the 5558991413
Thermistor Fixed Point Math45863
CREE 4FLOW LED Light Bulb Failure43062
Compensating for Leakage Current in Thermistor Measurements16080
Have You Ever Tried Creating a Synthetic Resistor with Thermistors?52685
Iconic I2C sensors952125
Soldering Nickel Plated Copper1420411
What’s inside the bead of the thermistor?30263
Is Ice water a constant temperature?46601220
Thermistor Manufacturing Process939143
Thermistors in the Wild29780
Steinhart-hart model coefficients51270
7-segment goodies!584144
The Advanced QFN72756
What’s the beta?881611
Email notifications for a thread being moved72124
Are Molex thermistors water resistant?1091614
Element14 Logistics team is the best!62189
Creating a thermistor model in LTSpice208672
Handle your schottky diodes with care!57745
RP2040 PIO Sideset enable bit is automagically set in uPython529120
Roadtest dates displayed in UTC57212
How to solder fairy light strings24021314
Pi Pico 7 Segment Multiplexing84740
Hot Chips – PIC16F67673373
My First Assembly Program on a PI Zero2W20361119
Did a bird or a bug visit the birdhouse?87332
Do you blog about your mistakes?128787
Thanks Newark!1094124
Spy Nerd – Prize Pack16201712
Notifications for user mentions100626
Software Recommendations for Displaying Realtime Data205215
RPI Pico & ST7789 Display8337515
What to do when a review doesn’t go as planned1827018
MP3 Playback on PI Pico7058916
The RP2040 PIO Module is Pretty Nifty81121620
RPI Pico – 10 kHz PWM Output257471
Do you blog about your mistakes?128787
Thanks Newark!1094124
Spy Nerd – Prize Pack16201712
Notifications for user mentions100626


ROHM REFRPT001 Demo Board20410
Summer of FPGAs: MAX77714 Multichannel PMIC EVM – Review43311
MPS Four-Channel Output Power Module EVM – Review107904